Skills, Management and Leadership Training for Accountants

Future-proof your accountancy career with a range of soft skills designed to enhance your professional development.

Successful firms are made up of teams competent in leadership, communication, time management and other soft skills that complement their technical expertise. Our training programme can equip you in these areas, allowing you to support your people, support your clients, and support your practice.


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Why should accountants study professional skills?

Management and Leadership skills are vital for accountants in today's fast-paced business world. Strong communication, interpersonal, and leadership abilities can greatly enhance an accountant's effectiveness and impact in their role.

Good negotiation and problem-solving skills can assist in resolving conflicts and making informed business decisions. Furthermore, adaptability and the ability to work efficiently in a team are critical skills in an ever-changing industry.

By honing their professional soft skills, accountants can enhance their credibility, develop strong relationships with clients and colleagues, and contribute to their organisation's success.

Benefits of Skills, Management and Leadership:

  • Improved communication skills: Understanding effective communication strategies helps build better relationships and credibility with clients and colleagues.
  • Stronger interpersonal skills: By improving your interpersonal abilities, you can foster positive working relationships and resolve conflicts more effectively.
  • Effective leadership: Developing leadership skills can help you effectively manage teams and make sound business decisions.
  • Improved negotiation skills: Understanding the principles of negotiation can lead to better outcomes in business dealings and improve decision making.
  • Better problem solving: By honing your problem-solving skills, you can handle challenges and find creative solutions to business issues.
  • Increased adaptability: Professional soft skills training can help you develop the flexibility and resilience needed to succeed in a rapidly changing business environment.
  • Enhanced teamwork: Improving your ability to work effectively in a team can lead to greater collaboration and a more positive work environment.

In House Training

A more personal approach to your firm's requirements

In house training for professional skills is an outstanding investment for accountants. It offers a bespoke learning experience that is tailored to the particular needs and goals of the firm and its staff.

Additionally, in house training strengthens teamwork, boosts employee morale and job satisfaction, and saves time and resources compared to sending staff to external workshops. By investing in in house training, accountancy firms can ensure their employees have the most up-to-date skills and knowledge to excel in their roles.

Bespoke in house training for professional, management and leadership soft skills can be delivered either on your premises or virtually. Each training package is developed with your input so it can be tailored to meet your business needs and goals.

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Meet Louise Conner

With 20+ years of experience in Learning and Development, Louise is Mercia's Management and Skills Trainer.

Her motivational coaching delivers exceptional results and equips teams with the skills to reach their potential.

Louise's industry expertise and personalised training approach make her training an invaluable asset to teams seeking to enhance their management and leadership abilities.

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