What does Train: Promote: Support stand for?

TrainPromote and Support are the three key areas of our business. The train side of our business offers a range of online and face to face courses for industry professionals that aims to enhance and update your knowledge on accounting. The promote area of our business delivers marketing services to your practice, such as digital products and client communication. Our support services include products such as technical manuals and peer reviews. To view all the products and services we offer, select the Train, Promote and Support headings at the top of the page. 

How can I find out whether you run a course on a specific topic?

To find out what courses Mercia offer, please select the Train drop-down at the top of the page. Select Face to Face, Online or Other to search for your specific course topic. You can search a course by keyword, town and date. Under Other you can view a selection of additional courses such as in-house and management training.

How do I see all bookings for people within my firm?

You can view bookings for your firm by selecting My Account at the top of the page. Select Firm and Team on your Dashboard side menu. Under Firm bookings you can view your firm's upcoming courses. Under Firm Training Records you can see your firm's past bookings.

What is the difference between a Power and Standard User?

Standard Users and Power Users will have a slightly different Dashboard within the My Account area. A Power User will be able to see and manage all staff records, a standard user will only see their own record/training.

How do I see all the courses I have been booked onto?

You can view the courses you have been booked onto by selecting My Accounts at the top of your page. Under My training on your Dashboard menu, your face to face courses are listed under My Bookings and your webinars under My Online Training. Your past bookings can be viewed under My Training record

Do you have a technical support service?

Yes. Please email technicalqueries@mercia-group.co.uk for general queries and technicalmanuals@mercia-group.co.uk for queries concerning technical manuals. Alternatively call us on 0330 058 7141

How do I unlock my account?

To unlock your account please contact onlineservices@mercia-group.co.uk Alternatively, send a message to our online chat located at the bottom left of this page.

How do I access my technical manuals?

Your technical manuals can be found under the My Account area located at the top of the page. On your dashboard select My support Products, your manuals will be listed here ready to download.