Student Training and Monitoring

What is the Student Monitoring Service?

Our role is to be an extension to your firm providing support, knowledge and experience guiding firms and students through their professional and practical training.

Meet John Ellis
For over 20 years now, John and his team have been delivering a unique service which is aimed at small to medium sized practices.

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We have a team dedicated to looking after and managing trainees, and work with well-known Exam Training providers.

  • We oversee and manage a structured, consistent pathway of exam training.
  • We receive favourable rates from our Exam Training Provider which we pass on to your company.
  • We meet clients individually on an annual basis to discuss future training courses.
  • We biannually hold QPRT (Qualified Persons Responsible for Training) meetings to discuss training, trainees and share best practice information.
  • We are your students first point of contact. 

What is the service purpose?

  • We shoulder some of the burdens HR, Managers and Partners can have by planning, organising, and booking their trainee’s program of courses and exams.
  • We monitor how they are performing.  
  • Provide administrative support.
  • Manage the client/provider relationship with our approved training provider.
  • Our overall purpose allows firms to concentrate on client work and save important chargeable time.

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