Assurance Review Engagement Manual

Our Assurance Review Engagement Manual provides you with the current and permanent file programmes needed to undertake an assurance review engagement for a limited company in accordance with the International Standard on Review Engagements (ISRE) 2400 (Revised) and ICAEW Audit and Assurance Faculty Technical Release 09/13 (Revised).

The manual also includes:

  • accounts disclosure checklists, including versions for new UK GAAP in accordance with FRS 102, including FRS 102 Section 1A
  • guidance and procedures notes that set out how review engagements are conducted, including in accordance with the relevant quality control requirements
  • example engagement letters, reports and supporting statements.

Our Assurance Review Engagement Specialist Assignment Manual is written in Microsoft word and includes our tailoring tool 'Creator', which will help you select and edit your current and permanent file documentation.

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