Interactive Disclosure Checklists

With our long-standing software partner CaseWare UK, we have developed interactive versions of our accounts disclosure checklists for limited company, academy, charity and pension scheme accounts.

The checklists are all completed on screen and contain a number of preliminary tailoring questions which when completed will then eliminate unnecessary disclosure questions later on in the checklist, streamlining the process of ensuring error free accounts leave your office.

The software contains all of the following checklists:

  • Corporate entities reporting under FRS 105, 102, 101 & IFRS
  • LLP entities reporting under FRS 105, 102 & 101
  • Charity entities preparing accounts on an Accruals or Receipts and payments basis
  • Pension schemes

The software is available from £80.00* per annum per user.

*Price excludes a CaseWare Cloud licence which needs to be purchased separately at £165 per annum. Purchase must be made on an annual basis and paid upfront. Pricing is a limited offer only and subject to change. Discounts are available for 10 users or more.

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If you would like to find out more, or purchase please visit the CaseWare website or call CaseWare on 01622 355200.

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To obtain a quote or to find out more, please go to the Caseware website.