Auditing Skills Series Year 3

With audit regulation becoming more complex and with the continuous focus by the regulators on audit quality, our interactive and on-demand e-learning gives your students the knowledge and skills they need to be effective on your audits
and to enhance audit quality.

Focusing on the underlying requirements of the auditing standards, the programme takes students on a learning journey from introducing the basics concepts of auditing such as materiality and risk through to how to audit complex balances such as provisions. Professional scepticism and the need for documentation are themes which run through all years.

As part of the learning, students will perform audit testing in a case study environment, using source documents and completing testing as they would on a real audit. The structure of the courses offers flexibility and opportunities for just-in-time learning where students can complete a short module before undertaking tasks on the audit, enabling them to put the learning into practice right away.

Year 3 Modules:

  • Challenge of Management
  • Reporting to Those Charged with Governance
  • Management Representations
  • The Audit Report
  • Use of Experts
  • Service Organisations
  • First Year Audits
  • Auditing Accounting Estimates
  • Consideration of Laws and Regulation
  • Progressing to Manager
  • Introduction to Working on Group Audits
  • Assessing and Responding to Risks of Larger Clients
  • Advanced Project Management of an Audit, including Liaison with Component Auditors
  • Managing, Communicating with and Supervising a Team, including Component Auditors
  • How to Audit - Provisions
  • How to Audit - Pensions
  • How to Audit - Share Based Payments
  • How to Audit - Impairments
  • Completion
  • How to Audit - Errors and Misstatements
  • How to Audit - Properties Held at Fair Value
  • Using the Work of Internal Auditors


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