VAT Series for Finance Professionals

This series of online courses has been created with the finance professional in mind.


Module 1

  • The scope of VAT and how VAT works
  • The difference between supplies of goods and services
  • An introduction to the concept of ‘deemed’ supplies
  • What VAT is charged on, and what is zero rated, exempt or outside the scope of VAT

VAT registration and de-registration

VAT Groups

  • Basic requirements, conditions and benefits
  • Cross border VAT groups
  • Anti-avoidance legislation

Module 2

More on supply

  • Goods or services?-sometimes difficult to tell
  • Single and multiple
  • Deemed and self-supplies
  • Non supplies and Transfers of Going Concerns TOGCs
  • Valuation and artificial prices rules

Module 3

Tax Points-when to raise an invoice and what it should look like

  • Basic and actual tax points
  • Deposits and continuous supplies
  • Anti-avoidance accommodation tax points
  • Full VAT invoice requirements
  • Less detailed, pro-forma, self-billed invoices and authenticated receipts
  • Credit notes
  • Bad debt relief

Input tax

  • The criteria for correct claims
  • Blocked input tax and business entertainment

Module 4

Special Schemes

  • Cash accounting and flat rate
  • Margin scheme supplies
  • Retail schemes
  • Tour Operators Margin Scheme

Records & Administration

  • Completing the VAT return
  • How to deal with VAT assessments and VAT visits
  • Penalties and interest charges, and the error correction system

BMT Module 5

An introduction to international trade in goods

  • Place of supply of goods
  • Imports, exports and intra EU trade post Brexit
  • Triangulation and chain transactions

Module 6

International services-an introduction

  • General Rule
  • Exceptions to the General Rule
  • Special rule for Specified Supplies
  • The effective use and enjoyment shift
  • The Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS)
  • Recovering VAT charged in EU and non-EU countries
  • The Reverse charge

Module 7

Commercial property and the VAT option to tax

  • What the option is, what it covers, and how to take it properly
  • Disapplication and anti-avoidance measures

Module 8

Partial exemption

  • Basic principles
  • Change of intention and change of use
  • Standard and Special Methods
  • Annual adjustments
  • The VAT Capital Goods Scheme-basics
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The price for the series is £800 plus VAT per person

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