COVID 19 Job Retention Scheme Phase 2 - The New Rules Explained

The extension of the Job Retention Scheme (to 31 October 2020) introduces ‘flexible furloughing’ which adds further to the complexity of the rules and the calculations.

The volume of guidance and updates means getting it 100% right will be a challenge for all practitioners acting for employers, in whatever capacity, including payroll, tax, general and even audit (risk issues) practitioners in certain instances. 

This webinar focusses on the essential core aspects of this flexible furlough phase and other recent developments in guidance and legislation which have occurred since the first recording in late April but will include core elements of the framework to assist in understanding.

A step by step guide to the calculation approach with full examples is included as well as frequently asked questions such as:  

  • How do I calculate usual hours and furloughed hours?
  • Have the claim periods changed?
  • What is the impact for ERNIC and pension contribution calculations and recovery?
  • What do we do if errors are identified?
  • How does it interact with the Employment Allowance?
  • Are there penalties for incorrect claims?
  • What about redundancy?

You will also have the opportunity to ask your own questions during the live webinar

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