VAT Update and Current Issues

This session will review the key legislative changes in the past 12 months and will then focus on recurring real-life VAT issues that have arisen in practice, including the implications of the UK leaving the EU. This should enable practitioners to identify VAT issues that may have arisen with their clients and to recommend solutions, thereby increasing revenues and ensuring clients are compliant with their VAT obligations and optimising their VAT position.


  • Budget/Finance Act developments
  • Recent developments in HMRC policy
  • Key reported cases in the previous 12 months
  • Common land and property issues
  • Selection of areas of topical interest
  • International VAT in a post-Brexit world

The content may vary depending on the presenter.

We will also be running an online key points version of this course - click here for further details.

The content for online courses predating 2021 may vary.



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