Compliance Update Conference 2021

Our one day Compliance Update Conference has been specially designed for accountants who require an update on current compliance issues. Speakers will look at recent and upcoming key changes together with other current issues and lessons learned, to enable those attending to give the best possible advice to their clients.

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Louise Dunford, LD Consultancy Ltd

This session will cover some of the most important recent developments in company, commercial and employment law in the period leading up to the event. It will include some or all of the following, depending on the most recent cases and government announcements:

  • Company Law Update
    • Recent developments on directors’ duties and shareholder rights
    • Liability of directors in insolvency – recent cases
    • Reform to pre-packs
  • TUPE update
  • Reform of restrictive covenants/restraint of trade?
  • Employment Law Developments
    • Status and the Uber decision
    • IR35 – where do we stand since April 2021?
    • Legislative change from April 2021
    • Restructuring and redundancy after Covid

David Norris, Mercia Group

In this session David will consider the ethical requirements surrounding tax work as well as topical issues arising on QAS and QAD reviews and from the general tax file review work Mercia has done this year. This will include the new PCRT requirements around filing client R&D claims. David will also cover what to expect if the QAD choose to look at PCRT as part of their next firm Practice Assurance review.

James Burgoyne, Brunel

During this session James will consider the various implications for professional indemnity insurance of failure in compliance, potential extensions to standard cover which a practice may wish to consider, and the risks of civil liability claims which can arise following particular compliance failings.

David Norris, Mercia Group

David will use feedback from the annual QAD report and Mercia’s own reviews to highlight the key issues firms should be aware of in the areas of client’s money, DPB Investment Business, General Practice Assurance, and Probate.

Debra Lowndes, Mercia Group

In this session Debra will look at the various pieces which make up the MTD landscape, from the reported success of MTD for VAT to the potential for accelerated payments in real time. She will piece together the jigsaw of basis period reform, penalty regime reform and MTD for ITSA.  Considering keeping digital records, software and spreadsheets and how the accountant can possibly make MTD pay!

David Norris, Mercia Group

Presentation by David of the latest changes to AML regulations, professional scepticism, COVID-19 considerations (grants, furlough and bounce-back loans) – understanding your client - as well as a reminder of key procedures and common review findings.

Bob Trunchion, MHA MacIntyre Hudson

This session will cover:

  • PI time bombs – what scares insurers about your tax practice – a look at some facts and examples
  • Why the PI market is so hard at the moment and the consequences for practitioners
  • Why you must do your homework when you do your PI renewal especially if you have a historic issue (claims profile)
  • Complaints, claims – how they arise and what to do
One Day Conference