Excel 2016 - Smarter Not Harder - Key Points

Millions of hours are wasted each year through poor use of spreadsheets. This course will help you understand how to create more reliable spreadsheets more efficiently and also introduce you to a range of features that can revolutionise what you are able to achieve in Excel.

  • Navigation and customisation tips
  • Minimising rounding errors, and cross-casting techniques
  • Cell referencing
  • The importance of Tables
  • Data Validation
  • Lookup and Conditional formulae (including VLOOKUP, IF and SUMIFS)
  • Concatenation
  • Control keys and other keyboard shortcuts
  • Conditional formatting
  • Named ranges and Name manager
  • Pivot tables and Power Query
  • Custom number and date formats
  • Working with delimited files
  • Introduction to keystroke macros
  • The most important Excel development of the millennium - why getting Get and Transform will transform your use of Excel (whether or not you work with external data) 

Please note that this is NOT a hands-on course but comprehensive notes will be provided to allow the areas covered to be practiced after the course.

CPD Course
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