Acting for the High Net Wealth Client

This is an area of work that presents challenges and complexities, particularly for planning, as tax law constantly evolves and advisors are increasingly mindful of not promoting aggressive tax avoidance.

This course examines the latest tax compliance and planning opportunities relevant for wealthy individuals and their families and will ensure that delegates are well equipped to give the best possible advice to such clients.

Content will include:

  • Capital Taxes – the future?
  • Compliance conundrums
  • Family income tax planning
  • Will a family investment company work for you?
  • Tax aspects of pensions
  • IHT mitigation in lifetime
  • IHT and DOTAS
  • Using trusts
  • Becoming non-UK resident
  • Advising non-UK domiciles

The content for online courses predating 2021 may vary.

CPD Course
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