Bookkeeping - Case Study - Day 1

Over the 2-day course participants will obtain practical exposure to the completion of a set of accounts for a fictional client, ‘Wanda of Whetstone’.

Participants will gain experience of manual bookkeeping through:

  • Writing up of the day books from underlying records
  • Performing a bank reconciliation
  • Posting from daybooks into the nominal ledger
  • Extracting a trial balance from the nominal ledger
  • Preparing the sales and purchase ledger from day books
  • Understanding the relationship between the nominal ledger, sales ledger and personal ledger
  • Preparing journals for period-end adjustments
  • Calculating accruals and prepayments
  • Extending a trial balance
  • Drafting a profit and loss account and balance sheet

Emphasis is made throughout the course of how these skills help them when they come across one of the many accounting packages on the market.

For the course outline for Day 2 please click on the following link: Bookkeeping- Case Study Day 2

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