GDPR - A Refresher and Update

12 months on from the introduction of the GDPR (25th May 2018), many are left wondering what all the fuss was about. After so much hype in the run up to it's introduction, there has been an understandable feeling that perhaps the GDPR was a lot like the Millennium Bug.

However, unlike the Millennium Bug, the GDPR is about ongoing compliance, not a one-off "we've done that now".

This webinar will cover

  • Review some of the action that's been taken by regulatory bodies relating to the GDPR
  • Look at some of the likely upcoming action in light of data breaches
  • Revisit the point of the GDPR
  • Explore the main issues that businesses are telling us they have with GDPR readiness
  • Cover the fundamental requirements of the GDPR with practical application
  • Highlight the overlap between Data Protection and Information Security

The content for 2022 may vary.


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