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Our membership options offer a hassle-free and cost-effective way to ensure you're always up-to-date with the latest in audit, accounting and tax. Members benefit from:

  • Unlimited access to all CPD courses
  • Exclusive discounts - including peer reviews, technical queries and methodology and compliance products
  • Guaranteed lowest price for courses, workshops and events
  • Access to all online resources and guidance
  • Your own online account area
  • Monthly newsletter covering industry news and events, upcoming courses and webinars


Digital Training Members can upgrade their membership to Face-to-Face for an additional £2.50pppm. Start your upgrade today!

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Our training memberships cost £37.50* per person per month and can be paid across 12 months.




Membership options

We offer different types of membership to suit your needs and offer you access to unlimited CPD courses, whether online and/or face-to-face.

Each membership starts from £37.50 per person per month* and is payable across 12 months.

Our memberships provide unlimited access to our training, whenever and however you would like to consume it. To calculate the cost of membership for your firm, you need to include all chargeable members of your team

CPD Only

This membership is recommended for firms who only require CPD training for their partners and seniors.



Whole firm

The same benefits as CPD membership but includes workshops for your junior team members too. Ideal for different levels of experience and seniority


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Frequently asked questions

The main difference between our CPD and Whole Firm membership options is whether you would like to include your juniors / trainees in your membership. By including them, this will give them access to our practical workshops programme. We have two membership options:

  • Whole Firm Training Membership offers unlimited access to all CPD and practical workshop face-to-face technical training courses (when we can return to venues), all CPD and practical workshop Mercia Live virtual classrooms, on-demand CPD recordings and the online practical workshop library, for the duration of membership.
  • CPD Only Training Membership offers unlimited access to all CPD face-to-face technical training courses (when we can return to venues), all CPD Mercia Live virtual classrooms and on-demand CPD recordings (excluding practical workshops), for the duration of membership.

All memberships must include all chargeable team members within the firm, with the exception of your payroll and corporate finance team members. Entering into a Membership implies acknowledgement of the conditions above and agreement to Mercia's right to invoice for additional members of staff if it subsequently becomes clear that at the time of making the initial declaration of chargeable staff, one or more individuals was omitted from the list of chargeable staff. We have a PAYG alternative, and would be happy to discuss the most appropriate option with you.

Any staff working 20 hours or less per week should be included as half. Partners and Directors are treated as full time regardless of the number of hours worked.

Our full day conferences, probate and management training are not included in membership, although all members are entitled to our lowest rate should you wish to attend on a PAYG basis.

Please see our useful guide on how members can access their online training here.

To ensure that we send sufficient course materials and arrange sufficient refreshments, members are still required to book places on their face to face events. Online recorded webinars need not be booked online unless you wish to receive a reminder of the courses being released. Members will need to book a place on a Mercia Live course in order to receive the correct joining instructions.

All membership types attract 10% discount on our technical support and marketing products, including our technical enquiries (excluding tax), our manuals and our file review service.

Members may attend any of Mercia’s events in any venue as part of their whole firm or CPD membership, with the exception of our full day conferences, our probate qualification courses and our separate management programme, subject to availability. Please see also Mercia’s fair usage policy here.

Yes, all memberships include access to our four online training packs. These include the regulatory e-learning pack (AML, GDPR, CFA and Bribery), the soft skills pack, the update bulletins pack and the mental health, wellbeing and resilience pack. Our Regulatory E-learning pack is available for ALL members of your team which includes the required AML, Bribery and GDPR training for your admin team.

Please contact Mercia in writing of any changes that you wish to make to your membership during the year.

Out of courtesy to other clients, please notify us in writing or via an email with a read receipt within 14 days of a course running if you or any of your team are unable to attend a public course or live webinar on which they have previously been booked. We appreciate that it may not be possible to attend every course that you have booked. However, where individuals from a member firm are booked to attend 10 or more courses, yet they fail to attend 50% or more, and do not give us written confirmation within 14 days of the course(s) that they are cancelling, Mercia reserves the right to charge the firm a cancellation fee equal to half of the published course fee.


*All prices subject to VAT. Memberships are a 12 month subscription and all membership fees are per person per month.

† All staff involved in chargeable work should be included in the membership and not just those attending courses. Any staff working 20 hours or less per week should be included as half. Partners and directors are treated as full time regardless of the number of hours worked. Any team members who work in payroll or corporate finance do not need to be included in your membership.