Early Careers Programme

We know that one size does not fit all and with a wide range of workshops you have the flexibility to create a tailored and blended learning programme for each member of your team.

Our on-demand and interactive e-learning modules are designed to be completed at the most appropriate time for your trainee’s role and experience, recognising that not everyone requires training at the same time.

All courses are practical, giving your trainees the skills to be effective in their role and to provide continuous development opportunities.

Students looking at early careers pathways.

Early Careers Programmes:


As accounting forms the foundation across all disciplines, we have a range of courses to help trainees in this area. They are supported by tutor-led, live streamed case studies to help trainees put the learning into practice. Our bookkeeping courses are available as on-demand e-Learning and as live streamed.

Auditing Skills

With audit regulation becoming more complex and with the continuous focus of the regulators on audit quality, our interactive on-demand e-learning gives your trainees the knowledge and skills they need to be effective on audits and to enhance audit quality.

Focusing on the underlying requirements of the auditing standards, the programme takes trainees on a learning journey from introducing the basics concepts of auditing such as materiality and risk through to how to audit complex balances such as provisions. Professional scepticism and the need for documentation are themes which run through all years.

As part of the learning, trainees will perform audit testing in a case study environment, using source documents and completing testing as they would on a real audit. The structure of the courses offers flexibility and opportunities for just-in-time learning where trainees can complete a short module before undertaking tasks on the audit, enabling them to put the learning into practice right away.

Auditing Skills Course modules:

Example of modules included:

  • Key concepts: Planning and Risk Assessment
  • Key concepts: Risk Response and Evidence
  • How to Audit Bank/Cash
  • How to Audit Inventory
  • How to Audit Payroll

Example of modules included:

  • Materiality
  • Going Concern
  • Understanding Internal Controls
  • How to Audit Journals
  • How to Audit Tax
  • How to Audit Intangibles

Example of modules included:

  • Audit of Groups
  • Audit Reports
  • How to Audit Provisions
  • Use of Experts on an Audit
  • Audit of Accounting Estimates
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Whatever route your trainees take, you can pick and choose from our selection of tax courses to complement their study or work in the office. We also have tutor-led live streamed workshops to lead them through practical case studies and reinforce their knowledge.

Professional Skills

Although technical skills are essential, personal skills play an important part in creating a rounded and effective professional. We have a series of courses for trainees to attend as their career progresses.

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