COVID-19: Helping to keep your business moving

As we settle into our new ways of working due to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that you may have questions and concerns about how you and your firm may be affected. Although we are currently unable to provide a physical presence, rest assured that we are still open and will continue to adapt our business services and products to ensure we provide an excellent service for our clients. If you have any queries then contact us via our usual ways. Below you will find a number of ways we can help you during this period. For further information on how our services are impacted then click here.

Mercia Live

We have adapted our training and created our virtual classroom solution - Mercia Live. We're committed to supporting your learning and development during these times and we are now able to bring you the latest accountancy, audit and tax update and hot topics, straight to you at home.

Looking after wellbeing

The impact that this extended period of isolation can have on our mental and physical health is often overlooked. We look at some proactive steps we can all take to look after our wellbeing.

Auditing issues

Whilst we’re starting to adapt and cope with the extraordinary times we are now working in, there are questions emerging about how the disruption to our usual working practices, and specifically the guidance to not travel unless essential, will impact on current and upcoming audit engagements.

Audit and Accounting issues

Firms are rightly concerned about signing off assignments where coronavirus could have a serious effect on the ongoing activities of an organisation.

Newswire March 2020

Never has there been more need for training with almost daily Government announcements relevant to all individuals and businesses. To help you navigate the mountain of information, we have below consolidated a summary of the measures introduced so far.

Our Latest Podcast

Mark Morton provides an update on COVID19 measures for businesses.

Peer Reviews COVID Support

We have decided to move our onsite peer reviews to remote reviews until further notice, to help you still comply with the various regulatory requirements – even when your practice is working from home. If your firm has an onsite review scheduled in between now and September 2020, we will contact you separately to discuss how we can undertake the review remotely and the options available.

Guide to Working From Home

Working from home is not easy and it can be even harder on your team.  But if you take the right approach with your team then it can lead to increased productivity and actually serve to improve communication. We have put together a number of tips on how you can support your team in helping them through the days ahead.

Guide to Microsoft Teams

Do you use Microsoft 365 in your day to day? Microsoft teams is a really useful piece of software that helps with team collaboration. It works with Skype, Outlook and other Microsoft services.