Unlock the potential of Research and Development

Our R&D course can support you

If you are looking to make the first steps into Research and Development (R&D), or simply require some additional support, we have the expertise and training to help you through the process.

R&D is becoming increasingly important for many industries, you may be surprised how many of your clients would benefit from your R&D service. No matter the industry that your clients are in, from manufacturing to property or software development, they could benefit from R&D tax credits. Our products and training will enable you to:

  • Improve your skills and knowledge
  • Spot R&D opportunities within your client base
  • Add a new service to your practice
  • Reassure your clients their claims are correct
  • Ensure your firm doesn't lose out on valuable revenue

Would you benefit from our R&D course?

We have a range of Mercia Live and online courses running entitled “Research and Development - A Complete Practical Approach”. These sessions bring together both R&D legislation and guidance, alongside the practical aspects of offering a complete R&D report writing and claims service for clients.

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