Unlock the potential of Research and Development

Our R&D course can support you

If you are looking to take the first steps into Research and Development (R&D) or, are wondering what is changing, we have the expertise and training to help you.

The Government has made a number of changes to the regime over the last year and is intending to change it significantly for accounting periods commencing on/after 1 April 2024.

 To help you navigate the world of R&D and explain the changes:

Our Tax Reliefs for SMEs – Research and Development course on 23 March 2024 will look at the existing rules, including changes made in the last year

Our Tax Update - Finance Act course will look at the proposals on the R&D rules which commence from April 2024, and are currently working their way through Parliament

Our Research and Development – The New Regime course will take place on September 2024, when all the rules have been finalised and new HMRC guidance issued, and will focus on the new regime

Our recent podcast considers the latest situation and can be accessed here

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