Using LinkedIn as part of your business strategy

  • Mercia Group
  • 30 January 2017 00:00

Last month, we shared tips on using LinkedIn to improve your online presence. This month, we look at how accountancy firms can use LinkedIn to market their practice online. LinkedIn has established itself as a powerful and useful business tool, rather than simply as a method of connecting with those who you know in the business world.


The statistics speak for themselves:

  • 21M+ people in the UK have a LinkedIn profile
  • 700K+ businesses have a Company Page in the UK
  • 64% of visits to corporate websites from social media sites come directly from LinkedIn
  • Average time spent on LinkedIn, per month, is 17 minutes.

Create a Company Page

To get the most out of your business LinkedIn account, it is important to invest time on the site to develop your current and potential client relationships, as well as market your brand online. LinkedIn offers businesses the option to create a free company page which can help others learn more about your business. You can use your Company Page to promote your business, its achievements, history and vision. A sound LinkedIn strategy, with consideration for branding and content, will ensure that you are using your company page effectively and in a way that will be beneficial to your business. Currently over 4,000 company pages in the UK belong to the Accounting industry.

Get clients to follow your Company Page

The obvious starting point is working out what you want to achieve from your LinkedIn company page. For example, are you trying to:

  • Promote your profile to potential clients?
  • Engage with your current and existing clients?
  • Strengthen your business image?

If any of the above is true, your starting point will be to first and foremost become more active online and gain followers to your company page, where they can view a feed of content and information that you share.

Engage your existing and potential clients

Sharing relevant content and information to your followers is a great way to get clients engaging with your brand online. Followers can interact by liking, sharing or commenting on your content. It doesn't take long to share content, and you will only need to spend 10-20 focused minutes on LinkedIn per week to achieve this.

Having an opinion on topics by sharing blogs and the latest news can also be a great way to connect with potential clients. If there's a choice between two competitor firms, the business that actively shares content would probably win client attention and custom, as they are demonstrating that they are knowledgeable in their field.

In the early days of LinkedIn, for many users the primary aim was to create a network of professional business contacts. For businesses, the objective is attracting a network of followers comprising of your existing and potential clients. Dedicating time to develop and engage with this network is crucial, as you will create a following of professionals who are interested in your business and are more likely to place their trust in you.

Did you know that Mercia offer a social media service? From just £45+VAT per month, we will post engaging content to your social media accounts daily, meaning you can concentrate on your day to day activities. We can also set-up and design your profiles to make sure your branding remains consistent both online and offline. To find out more information, please email or call 0116 258 1242.

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