Paper or Pixel?

  • Nilesh Parmar
  • 18 January 2013 00:00

As a graphic designer, I consider printed material to be very important to me. There's nothing better than seeing your own work in print. But in comparison, moving with the digital age is also important, especially for you and your clients.

This article from the BBC shows that sales of books are on the decline. With these statistics in mind, does this now mean that we are moving away from turning the pages of a paperback in favour of sliding the pages on a tablet?

Personally, I still like the look and feel of reading a physical book. But as we saw CDs moving to MP3s and VHS moving to DVDs, the written word is definitely going through a time of change. As the purchase of eBooks/iBooks are on the increase, we are seeing the same changes that the music and movie industry went through.What is your preference? Paper or pixels? We'd would love to hear your comments...

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