Exciting PII opportunity

  • Person icon Mercia Group
  • Calendar icon 14 April 2020 12:32

Mercia is excited to announce that it has been able to obtain a preferential deal for Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) for its clients with leading provider Brunel Professions.

Why change?

Mercia is passionate about firm’s maintaining their standards in a practical and commercial way. We also see that cheap rates for PII could soon be a thing of the past and want to help our clients get some benefit from the effort they put into compliance and training.

Like Mercia, Brunel recognise the value of firms maintaining their standards with up to date training, reviews and manuals. Typically Brunel can save new clients significantly on their renewal premiums, with those firms showcasing strong compliance and training benefiting from the largest discounts.

Some PII brokers who adopt one-stop-shop arrangements for accountants professional indemnity which is not always beneficial for the practice in terms of premium pricing or policy. Brunel is different, they take time to understand the individual nature of a firm, and the changes it is experiencing. They do not use one market schemes and broke risks to the wider professional indemnity market – they pride themselves on understanding their clients and offering bespoke solutions to their needs.

More than price

Of course any saving is worthless if the service is poor. Brunel have a track record of providing great customer service – from renewal, to risk management to claims handling – and work with firms of all sizes, from sole practitioners to top 20 firms.

And there’s more

Mercia firm’s that join the Brunel Professions scheme will also receive the following benefits:

  • FREE Cyber Insurance quotation with exclusive policies starting from £100 + IPT (to protect the firm in the event of data breach, business interruption, spyware/malware etc)
  • FREE Independent Cyber risk assessment
  • FREE Insurance Healthcheck (across all parts of the practice)
  • FREE Tax Helpline
  • FREE Employment Helpline
  • FREE Access to a library of useful guidance, in areas such as employment, law and GDPR

Request a quote

To find out more details and obtain a quote from Brunel Profession, please email mercia@brunelpi.co.uk.  Please note that by emailing your information, you agree to Mercia Group Limited passing your details to Brunel Professions. 




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