Do You Understand Your Audience?

  • By Mercia Group
  • 22 August 2018 00:00

An effective marketing plan begins with understanding your audience. Looking closely at the facts and figures, this infographic will give you an insight into the devices and platforms that are being used by your clients and prospects.

Identifying and understanding your clients and their industries will benefit your company in numerous ways. This will also enable your firm to put the information your customers need right under their noses. This will improve your customer’s journey, portray your team as influencers and most importantly, entice prospects.

If used correctly, the information in the infographic below could save you and your team valuable time and resource, allowing you to directly market to your target audience.

How we consume content

We pride ourselves on understanding your needs and fulfilling your requirements. Our team of experts can produce invaluable content for your business. We can also advise on the format and positioning of content we supply, ensuring you obtain maximum reach and engagement.

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