Can your practice risk sticking with paper or Excel working papers?

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  • Calendar icon 24 June 2021 15:00

 “It’s how we’ve always done things”. Find out why it’s risky and not best practice to stick with Excel and paper, and why you should move your papers to the Cloud today.

“It’s how we’ve always done things”, “if it ain’t broke, then why fix it?”, “We have our own way of doing things that works for us”.

These are some of the most common reasons why practices hold back from moving their workpapers to the Cloud.  But these objections don’t take into account that sticking with paper or Excel working papers is not only a risk, but also not best practice.

Paper and Excel are very difficult to keep track of, increase the risk of errors being made and are a barrier to establishing uniform ways of working across a practice. It also makes training more challenging.

Keeping your working papers securely in the cloud where they can be accessed remotely by your team will allow your managers to gain transparency, better visibility and oversight of the work in progress. Workflow and automation also result in efficiencies and quality of your engagement files.

Our Mercia digital content packs in MyWorkpapers enable you to standardise methodology, programmes and checklists across your firm, ensuring consistency and quality every time for all engagement types.

And you can still do things your own way – drag and drop excel and PDF files, link and annotate, and we can work with you to customise our content to your needs. The Mercia digital team will hold your hand in your digital transformation.

Find out more about how MyWorkpapers can transform your practice.

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