Graduate Recruitment Service

Helping you source and recruit trainee accountants

Recruiting trainee accountants can be costly, incredibly time consuming and is plagued with pitfalls.

It can be a big responsibility to ensure the candidates you hire not only have the qualifications required but will also be the right ‘fit’ for your firm.

Specialists in accountancy recruitment

We understand the importance of getting the ‘right person’ for the job. We also understand that every firm is different, each with different recruitment criteria, and that hiring the right people is one of the most important decisions your firm will make. After all, some of these trainees will go onto become the next generation of managers and senior leaders in your business.

Your trusted recruitment partner

For over 20 years we have been helping firms of accountants recruit the next generation of accountancy trainees. We have become a trusted recruitment partner for these firms, providing so much more than just a recruitment service alone.

How we can help

We can remove the vast administrative burden of sourcing and shortlisting candidates for your trainee programme, by providing a complete recruitment service, comprising:

Advertising Your Graduate Vacancies

We will advertise your graduate vacancies through our established advertising network, which currently attracts over 1,500 applications nationally each year.

Pre-Screening of all Applications

The process of reviewing and shortlisting all applications can be incredibly time consuming. Our experienced team will do this for you, identifying only those candidates that meet your specific criteria.

Online Assessments

Our online assessments allow us to further shortlist candidates based on their performance in timed English and Maths exercises.

Video Interviews

Conducting initial interviews can be significantly time consuming and involve numerous personnel.

Our experienced team have been interviewing graduates for placement within firms of accountants for over 20 years. We know what to look for in an interview and can help to match suitable candidates with your firm.

Only after a candidate has successfully passed through each of the above stages would we then refer a shortlist of candidates to you for consideration (and second interview); meaning you will only ever see candidates that specifically meet with your requirements, saving you considerable time and resources.

We can also tailor the service to your requirements, if you don’t require all the above services

We pride ourselves on finding candidates that go on to flourish and it is testament to providing this service that we see them develop through our student practical programmes and CPD offerings once qualified.

For more details of our recruitment service and to discuss your requirements

Student Monitoring Service

Once your trainee(s) have started work, we can also provide a Student Monitoring service to help support your trainees through their accountancy training. We relieve firms of much of the administrative burden of being a registered training office. We will ensure that your students are booked onto the right courses for their practical experience and monitor their progress through the ACA or ACCA exams.

For more details of our student monitoring service, click here.