Meet the team

We have experienced lecturers and technical consultants, a dedicated administration team and an innovative design and marketing support team. And all these teams wouldn't be able to function without our small but valuable accounts and IT teams.


Nicola Hurley

Managing Director

Emily Ellison

Training and Education Director

Wayne Watson

Business Operations Director

Brendan Howard

Managing Director (Ireland)

Clare Shuttlewood

Commercial Director

David Smith

Assurance and Accounting Director

Sharon Cooke

London Director

David Norris

Product Director

Technical Team

Andrew Paul

David Southern

Ian Pickering

Jenny Faulkner

Andy Holton

Assurance and Financial Reporting - Compliance

Jeremy Williams

Phil Frost

Jonathan Eddy

Sally Hutchings

Jonathan McGee

Kathryn Burns

Stephen Bones

Chris Thorpe

Mark Morton

Norman Allison

Pat Nown

Phil Williams

Michael Siviter

John Sharkey

Kaye Davis

Emma Gilbert‑Smith

Shan Hughes

Lee Eagling

Phil Bown

Phil Brabin

Liaqat Mir

Sarah Felstead

Clare Searle

Alun Edwards

Jo Parker

Train Services Team

Hannah Howe

Training Manager

Michelle Bruce

Training Manager

Kay Sanders

Head of Online Training

Antonia Edie

Operations Manager

Ruth Atterbury

Conference Manager

Mark Taft

Business Development Manager - Quorum

Dale Palmer

Training Events Administrator

Jem Parr

Training Events Administrator

Eleanor Kilmister

Training Events Executive

Sarah Perry

Training Events Executive

Alice Milne

Training Events Administrator

Ashleigh Cullen

Training Events Administrator

Jackie Thomasson

Receptionist / Enrolments

Jane Purple

Webinars / Enrolments

Jayne West

Typist / Enrolments

Jill Hammond

Training Events Administrator

John Johnston

Print Services Executive

Georgia Robertson

Courses Co-oridinator

Zoe Pugh

Training Events Administrator

Kiran Parekh

Training Events Administrator

Leigh Cullen

Office Administrator

Sarah Backhurst

Digital Learning Administrator

Kate Searl

Operations Supervisor

Carol Quew

Courses Co-ordinator

Carlyn Triscott

Training Administrator

Nicola Hudson

Training Administrator

Emer Freeman

Courses Enrolments Processor

Promote Services Team

Sharon Maguire

Marketing Support Manager

Matthew Green

Graphic Design Manager

Hayley Ashton

Client Adviser

Rebecca Warren

Client Adviser

Ellisha Miles

Client Adviser

Marie Hunt

Client Adviser

Rita Mistry

Client Adviser

Sarah Maguire

Client Adviser

Jimmy Atter

Graphic Designer

Nilesh Parmar

Graphic Designer

Clare Litchfield

Graphic Designer

Melanie Johnson

Graphic Designer

Support Services Team

Dawn Hollies

File Reviews Administrator

Karina Johnston

Technical Support Executive

Kully Kaur

Technical Services Executive

Nisha Lalani

Client Services Administrator

Our Support Team

David Hirst

Business Technology Development Manager

Matthew Dawson

Creative Developer

Doris Vargas

Systems Analyst

Tecwyn Hughes

Database Co-ordinator

James Folland

Lead Business Systems Analyst

Joelle McKie

Team Assistant

Helen Loomes

Accounts Administrator

Marie Paterson

Accounts Executive

Rosemary Sykes

Accounts Executive

Mary Forryan

Database Administrator

Kristina Parmar

Salesforce Support Executive

Ireland Team

Brendan Howard

Managing Director (Ireland)

Kathryn Burns

Jonathan McGee

Tracey Winters

Sales and Marketing

Suzanne Tanser

Head of Sales

Alistair McGiffen

Regional Account Manager

Allen Camm

Regional Account Manager

Daniel Akanni

Regional Account Manager

Shanice Huggins

Telephone Account Executive

Sebastian Chambers

Telephone Account Executive

Leon Hidderley

Head of Marketing

Matt Greaves

Marketing Campaigns Manager

Polly Jones

Content Marketing Manager

Jemma Maloney

Marketing Executive

Lloyd Ganza

Marketing Executive

Amy Cubitt

Marketing Assistant

Stephen Wiggins

Marketing Executive / Digital Products

Dave Goodyear

Marketing Manager

Tim Evershed


Bethany Howe

Assistant Editor

Graduate Recruitment

John Ellis

London Regional Manager

Leon Collumbell

London Venue Manager

Asha Matyja-Zal

Student Monitoring Co-ordinator

Kady-Ann Mingoes

Graduate Recruiter

Monique Cherry

Graduate Recruitment Co-ordinator

You're too kind

Densely packed & fast-paced, well worth the day away from client work.

Jennifer Davies
Revell Ward Ltd

Really impressed with the content of the course and the delivery.

Samuel Graham
Acuity Professional

Very friendly and informative speaker. Really enjoyed it!

Joanne Walton
Advance Accountancy