Farming Conference 2021/22

Our one day virtual Farming conference has been specifically designed for partners and managers with responsibility for a number of farming clients. It is a specialist conference looking at a wide range of practical issues which will enable those attending to provide the best possible advice to their clients.


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Full conference agenda

Graham Redman, The Andersons Centre

This session will cover:

  • Current farm profitability and financial situation
  • Trade and policy changes
  • Market developments and outlook for the main farming sectors
  • The future of UK farming

Jeremy Moody, CAAV

This session will cover

  • Climate Change – the Great Driver: Issues, Policies and Carbon
  • The Environment Act – Biodiversity Gain
  • The Re-electrification of the Countryside
  • The Planning Bill – Land Use and Development

Bob Trunchion, MHA MacIntyre Hudson

Farms are machinery intensive! Capital Allowances on Plant and Structures are hugely important to the farming business.

In this session, Bob will cover the latest position on this particularly looking at:

  • Structures and allowances in the light of case law developments
  • Newer allowances such as SBAs, super-deductions and their implications
  • Maximising reliefs on Capex

David Missen, MHA

This session will cover:

  • The impact of subsidy withdrawal on the industry, generally and specifically
  • The detailed pattern of withdrawal and cashflow implications
  • Mitigating the damage - options available
  • Real life case study showing what might happen if the issue is not addressed, and how the damage can be mitigated
  • The ELMs pilot and what it will mean to a sample farm, practically and financially

An opportunity to hear from a farmer about current issues and how accountants can really add value to their clients.

This session will cover:

  • From Basic Payment to Productivity
  • The Road to 2024: England’s Unfolding Environmental Land Management Schemes

Pat Nown, Mercia Group

This session will cover any topical tax issues and updates relevant and useful to those involved in advising farmers. 

David Missen, MHA

This session will cover:

  • The actual and perceived pros and cons of a specialist agricultural department
  • Setting it up - practicalities and internal procedures
  • Recruitment and training
  • Management, billing financial performance and quality control
  • Effective practice development
One Day Conference