An Introduction to SRA Accounts Rules

The report required by the SRA under the SRA Accounts Rules is one of the more onerous tasks of the independent accountancy practice.  Continuing shortages of clients' money has led the SRA to look carefully at the role of the accountant.

It is very difficult to check that a Solicitor is complying with those rules unless you understand what the current rules are.  On completion of this course participants will not only know what the rules consist of and what they say but will also understand what they require a solicitor to do in practice.

This course is designed for people with little or no existing knowledge of the SRA Accounts Rules who will be carrying out SRA assignments.

It is not designed for those seeking an update on recent changes who would derive more benefit from attending the SRA Accounts Rules Update and Refresher.

The content will include:

  • Outline of client money rules
  • Operation of client account
  • Interest
  • Accounting records and systems
  • Accountant's report requirements
  • Case studies illustrating workings of rules including examples of:
    • Client monies, cash book and ledger accounts
    • Disbursements - professional and other
    • Transfers of costs
    • Problem areas

The content for online courses predating 2021 may vary.

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