In our continuing effort to improve our services to you, we are currently upgrading our systems onto a single business platform. If you already buy any of Mercia’s marketing products and/or Products from our Practice Track brand, the processes detailed below will already be familiar to you. The changes to our systems will take effect from 1 September 2020 and apply to all invoices raised after that date.

What changes will you see?

Invoices: There will be a change in format of the invoices you receive from Mercia. These will now be issued by our parent company’s invoicing legal entity “Wilmington Shared Services”. Invoices will be sent by email and a copy will go to the person who placed the order. If we hold the details of your accounts office, they will also receive a copy.

Payment: Payment will now be directed to “Wilmington Shared Services” and the new payment details will be clearly detailed on your invoice.

Statements: These will be under our parent company’s branding “Wilmington plc”. If you purchase products and services from any of the companies within the Wilmington Group, your monthly statements will consolidate all outstanding invoices relating to these companies.

Contact details: There are no changes to the contact details you have for any of our brands.

Please note: During the transition period you will likely have outstanding invoices issued from our legacy systems and issued directly by “Mercia Group Limited”. This will mean that in the period whereby there are still amounts outstanding on your old account you will potentially receive two statements. One from Mercia for your legacy purchases and one from Wilmington Plc for any newly issued invoices. We ask that any outstanding invoices issued by our legacy system are still paid to the account details stipulated on the original invoices.

Thank you for your support whilst we continue to improve our processes and work towards improving the service we provide to you. If you have any questions about Mercia inc SWAT or Practice Track please get in touch with your usual contact.

If you have any questions about the accounts changes, please contact our credit control team on 01268 495 694 or email