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An animated video covering all the core information of the briefing in a way that can be visually understood by your audience. This is the first in our new portfolio of engaging and informative video content on topics your clients will find relevant, useful and easy to digest.

Features include:

  • Delivered in MP4 format for you to use on your website, or upload to video sharing sites such as YouTube.
  • Play the video in your office reception, website or social media channels.  
  • Clients can effortlessly view the content 
  • A perfect way to promote your firm via digital channels and show yourself as knowledge experts.

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May 2021 Title

Loan accounts for director-shareholders: tax and other issues

Content includes:

  • overdrawn loan accounts
  • the s.455 charge: to pay or not to pay?
  • clearing the loan: cash, dividends, bonuses, loan release
  • other tax impacts for directors
  • what not to do
  • special dangers if facing insolvency.


May 2021 Title

New rules for business after Brexit: what you need to know 

  • how to deal with VAT
  • postponed VAT accounting for imports
  • dealing with customs procedures and the latest timetable for change
  • customs declarations: can you do it yourself?
  • delayed customs declarations
  • dealing with tariffs
  • what about Northern Ireland?

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