Specialist Charity Newsletter

Keep your charity clients up to date with all the latest developments

Our Charity Newsletter is written specifically for your charity clients by our in-house team of charity specialists and includes easy to understand material on the latest accounting, taxation and governance issues. From just £195*, it offers incredible value for money, saving you the time and trouble of creating your own newsletter in-house.

What’s included?
The Spring 2020 edition of the Charity Newsletter focuses on issues affecting the charity sector as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, including how the charity regulators have responded to the crisis, matters for charity trustees to consider in response to the outbreak and details of Government financial support that is available.  It is also includes guidance for trustees on planning the future direction of their charity in what could be a very different environment following the pandemic. All of this is in addition to usual roundup of topical accounting, taxation and governance issues affecting the charity sector, including:

  • useful guidance on setting a charity's future strategy
  • how to report serious incidents to the Charity Regulators
  • recent reporting and tax developments and an update on COVID-19 measures applicable to charities
  • it also covers other pertinent issues giving you the inside track on the sector's current hot topics and latest guidance.

The newsletter is applicable to clients within the UK and makes reference to the three UK charity regulators. In addition, a handy key helps your clients to easily identify which articles are relevant to them, whether they are based in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

What format does the newsletter come in?
The Newsletter is provided in PDF format. The file size is optimised so it can be published on your website or attached to an email. Plus, because it is provided in a printer-friendly PDF format, it can also be printed on office or home printers.

Choose from two versions

  • Standard version
  • Bespoke version. The bespoke version includes the same content as the standard version, with the added benefit of the addition of your own lead page of news, featuring your charity experts and services.

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