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Companies: managing risk in uncertain times

• what to do about payment of tax
• new procedures at Companies House
• change to wrongful trading provisions
• government assistance for business
• directors, dividends, company law and procedure.



And why they should hear it from you:

Amid chaos and confusion, managing business risk and cash flow is critical. Clients need a trusted source of information.

How we can help:

Mercia Newsletters and Briefings are topical, concise and authoritative.

• reassurance for clients in turbulent times
• cementing your professional relationship
• enabling business to weather the storm.

Briefings can be made available to your clients with your newsletter as a supplement. Alternatively they can be made available as a stand alone document.

Because management and tax are not your client’s first language. But they are yours.



Self-employed: managing cash and risk in uncertain times

• government schemes available
• what to do about tax
• using government assistance to manage cash and risk
• the importance of accounts and management information.