What does 3 years look like? - The Mercia Group social media story so far.

  • By Mercia Group
  • 11 August 2014 00:00

It has been a great 3 years for the Mercia Group using the various social media platforms we've developed over this time.

We have grown in following and likewise we have been following our audience to learn about what is important to our clients. Three Budgets and an emergency Budget, three Autumn Statements and all the developments in the tax, audit and accountancy and everything technical has kept us busy updating you, interacting with you and getting to know your needs.

Whilst we can issue the numbers that the various social media platforms churn out, we understand the very notion of social media is to be focused on people and what is taking place in discussions whether this is in Twitter or LinkedIn we have largely shared our content and blogs to keep you informed and close to what is important to you as an accountant.

Jeremy Williams opened up our blog back in August 2011 and reflects upon developments since then.

"Well, it's been three years since I wrote Mercia's first ever blog article, the first tentative step on our journey into the delights of social media. Since then, we've been retweeted, hashtagged and poked by all sorts of lovely people, and we'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who has read our blog articles, found us on Facebook and tweeted their appreciation for our services.

So what was the subject of this first blog article? An FRC publication on disclosures within financial statements, a document probably few have read in the last three years but whose aim remains highly relevant. And what a timely anniversary this is. We are eagerly awaiting the proposals from the FRC and from the government on the future of small company reporting in the UK. Will the FRSSE survive? Will a 'FRSME' for micro-entities be introduced? What will the new size thresholds for UK small companies be and will the audit exemption limit continue to track these thresholds? These are not obscure and irrelevant questions; the answers will impact the vast majority of the UK's businesses and the services their accountants and auditors provide."

We will, of course, keep you updated and prepared in this blog as soon as the proposals are published. We'll tweet our reactions, analyse the proposals in our newswire feed and maybe even share our thoughts to camera on our YouTube page, such is our desire to turn our new-found social media skills to your advantage.

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