Staying connected and surviving COVID-19

  • Helen Lee
  • 23 April 2020 16:58

Over the next few weeks, accountancy practices and their clients will become more reliant than ever on ensuring they have a watertight online marketing strategy. It could be the deciding factor as to which firms keep their clients engaged and retain their competitive edge.

Adapting to the ‘new norm’

As we adapt to the new normal, remote working and collaborative approaches are being adopted by accountancy firms to ensure they and their clients continue business as normal. As access to a physical presence is temporarily restricted, many are considering how to improve their online presence, which is vital in keeping clients engaged.

We understand the importance of remaining connected to your clients. Collaborative tools such as MS Teams or Zoom are great tools for communicating with your team or colleagues, as they allow the creation of a real presence, as well as productive conversations.

Revisiting your online marketing strategy

Now, more than ever, having a robust online marketing strategy is critical in order to keep things moving forward.

Targeting the right audiences, reaching your clients digitally, and taking advantage of the wealth of tools available to keep businesses moving, will ensure your practice is positioned in a positive light and demonstrate that it is responding well in a rapidly changing environment. This is crucial if you want to maintain a competitive edge during these turbulent times.

It may be as simple as refreshing your look on your social media channels, reinventing the way you produce your content, or finding new and exciting ways to reach your customers. It may even be the perfect time to completely update your look and revamp your brand.

Need a helping hand?

We have adapted as a business and made all our processes digital. We are proud to continue to effectively support many clients.

We have been actively providing COVID-19 updates to all of our website service clients, updating their website on their behalf with the latest news, showcasing them as thought leaders. 

Another way we support our clients is through our digital promote products. From online newsletters to the creation and updating of websites, plus much more. We do all the work so you don’t have to, so you can keep your clients on board and concentrate on the things that matter.

If you need assistance with your social media channels, or to learn more about our tax app, contact us on or 0330 058 7141.

Going digital long term

As practices continue to evolve and as your online processes (as part of a wider digital marketing strategy) becomes more effective, your practice will begin to reap the benefits. Your new and proven digital marketing strategy will then become a part of your practice’s long-term contingency plans after the COVID-19 situation has ended. You will be placed to confidently face any future challenges that might affect you, and comfortably adapt your processes to ensure any undesired impact is minimal.

For more information about our digital products or other ways in which we can support you, call our friendly Sales team on 0330 058 7141 or email

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