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Whilst remote working and working flexibly may seem like the norm now, after nearly a year of working in this way, it still presents challenges to not only our usual ways of working, but also our mental and physical wellbeing too.

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Mental Health factsheet


We share some top tips on how to look after your own wellbeing and support your team.



Client Wellbeing Clubs


Supporting your people, now and in the future.




Recognising the signs of burnout factsheet

We talk through how to recognise the signs of burnout and what you can do deal with it.



Blog Post

With the passing of National Stress Awareness Day, employers and employees alike have been reminded to take the time to recognise, manage and reduce stress in their professional and personal lives.

Blog Post

Having a conversation about mental health and wellbeing with your team, however small, could make a big difference

Our Products and Services

Mental Health, Wellbeing and Resilience Package

Aimed at juniors and trainees this pack covers a varied range of topics to promote positive wellbeing and resilience through real-life stories, checklists and other resources.

Key Points for developing your personal resilience and wellbeing - Course

This one-hour practical workshop will help delegates learn how to remain focused, confident, and ‘in control’ in such situations, which can lead to improvements in your own and your team’s productivity, morale and wellbeing.

Mental Toughness - Course

Suitable for: Managers and Leaders who want to develop their understanding of how to maintain and develop their own resilience and mental and physical wellbeing; and help others in their team to do the same.

On demand webinar - Managing through COVID19 - Maintaining your wellbeing

The session will give you tips on how you can remain positive, healthy and resilient.


Michael Siviter invites a variety of different guests to discuss the various challenges faced during the lockdown and the effect it can have on people's wellbeing.

In this episode, Michael is joined by John Sharkey (Management Consultant at Mercia) to discuss some of the challenges of remote working especially when it comes to ‘switching off’

Michael chats with Declan Swan (CEO at the UK200 group) during this episode about some of the possible causes of losing focus and why it’s important to plan ahead.

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Episode 3: Working on . . . Communicating Clearly

In this episode Michael is joined by Philip Partington, Intellectual Property Lawyer & Partner at JMW. They discuss how they keep their communication clear, constructive and to the point without negatively impacting internal and external relationships.

Michael is joined by Personal Development Coach and Martial Arts trainer, Alex Reason, to discuss some of the ways we can stay happy and healthy during lockdown.

Michael is joined by Helen Spencer, Managing Partner at WR Partners. Helen shares why it’s been important for her to set both personal and business goals throughout her life and how she has overcome some of the challenges along the way.

Michael is joined by clinical psychologist, Dr Robyn Cooley, to discuss how anxiety and stress can be linked to our life values, the choices we make and ultimately our happiness.

In this episode, Michael is joined by John Sharkey (Management Consultant at Mercia) to discuss some of the techniques we can adopt, to help us relax.

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