Taxapp Service

Fully branded in line with your firm's current website and marketing materials, your taxapp will be a hub of information, ready to support your clients at the touch of a button.

Put your branding on your clients' phones


A hub of information for your clients' everyday queries

Your app includes tax calculators, mileage reports, expenses tracker, tax tables  and much more. Not only that, but we will automatically update the tax information and news for you, making sure it is never out of date.

Virtual Assistant

Make sure clients get the right information straight away


You can have your own Virtual Assistant, there to help provide your clients with the answers they need. Clients simply ask your Virtual Assistant a question, which provides the detail or a link to the information included within your app.

Push Notifications

Staying connected with your clients


Update your clients on the latest news, services and blog posts available from your firm. For those with notifications turned off, all messages will be easily accessible in the notification centre of the app.

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